Gary Hill im imai Online-Katalog

Gary Hill. Why do things get in a muddle,
(Come on Petunia), 1984, 33.09 min

The video art works available for hire atthe imai foundation include more than 1000 videos by over 120 international artists ranging from the 1960s up to today.

imai's offer is directed towards educational and cultural institutions, museums, festivals, companies, public and private collectors, researchers and the interested public.

Works available for hire
You can find more information on the artists imai represents together with their works here:

www.imaionline.de/imai artist index

Rights to use the art works
The right to present the art work is exclusively for your institution/establishment and is valid only for the duration of the event defined in the distribution agreement.
Each other partial or complete use such as the hiring out to other institutions and persons, reproduction, re recording, public performances or presentations outside your institution/establishment, TV broadcasting or other commercial use is not allowed. A violation of this prohibition is in breach of copyright law and will result in civil or criminal proceedings.

Hiring conditions
Your order should reach us in writing at least three weeks before your planned performance. You must state bindingly in writing the date, duration and location of the event. You will then receive a confirmation of the date from us. We will send you the videos before your event in the form of DVD presentation copies. On request we can also additionally supply promotion material for the ordered works.
The order obliges the ordering party to take the ordered videos for the given playing time. Cancellations must reach us at least 10 days before the agreed presentation date, otherwise the hiring charges will be invoiced in full.
After receiving your order, we write an invoice. For international bank transfers to our account the bank fees of both countries must be borne by the customer.
After we have received payment (at least 7 days before dispatch) delivery is authorised with the transportation service of your choice (UPS, FedEx, Deutsche Bundespost).
The hired presentation copy must be returned to imai after the event within 7 days at the cost of the customer. Delayed return shipments will be subject to a reminder fee.
If there is any damage to the shipped presentation copies during the performance, this must be communicated to us when the articles are returned. The customer is liable in all cases for all damage and for the loss of the supplied DVD copies.

The hiring charges depend on the length and performance duration of the video, usually between 60 and 100 euros per day. If there are a number of performances per day the fee is not increased.
For a longer presentation duration such as with an exhibition the fee is reduced. For example, a video required for 21 days and calculated at 60 euros per day will only incur a fee of 250 euros.

The exact prices depend on our contractual agreements with artists. Please contact us. We will be happy to send you an individual offer.

All prices are subject to an order processing charge of 10,00 euros for dispatch within Germany and of 15,00 euros for dispatch within the European Union.

Darija Simunovic
Collection & Distribution
Tel. +49 (0) 211 899 87 98