© Photo: Ivo Faber, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2012

Images against Darkness

Video art from the archive of imai at KIT

28th April – 24th June 2012
KIT – Kunst im Tunnel , Mannesmannufer 1b, 40213 Düsseldorf

The exhibition Images against Darkness (Bilder gegen die Dunkelheit) will highlight a representative selection of video art works from the imai archive for the first time. Imai was founded six years ago in Düsseldorf to take on the extensive video art collection of the Cologne media art agency 235 Media. Since then the works have been stored in the archive and new works have been added. In co-operation with KIT - Kunst im Tunnel there will now be an opportunity in Düsseldorf to get a look at these impressive works contained in the archive.

A large number of single-channel videos which form the main part of the imai archive and a number of installations give an overview of the development of video art ranging from the early seventies until today. Starting with the video pioneers who in particular came together in the seventies and eighties in the Rhineland area, the exhibition will also introduce new perspectives of this technology-based art form.
: Dr. Renate Buschmann and Gertrud Peters
Works from the following artists have been on view:

Julián Álvarez Garcia, George Barber, Dara Birnbaum, Claus Blume, Klaus vom Bruch, Robert Cahen, Peter Callas, Douglas Davis, Sachli Golkar, Bettina Gruber, Nate Harrison, Freya Hattenberger, Oliver Held, Gary Hill, Patricia Hoeppe, Nan Hoover, Hörner/Antlfinger, Gudrun Kemsa, Sunjha Kim, Kevin Pawel Matweew, Franziska Megert, Norbert Meissner, Chris Newman, Michalis Nicolaides, Marcel Odenbach, Raskin (Rotraud Pape, Andreas Coerper), Ulrike Rosenbach, Lydia Schouten, Bill Seaman, Peter Simon, Steina, Myriam Thyes, Woody Vasulka, Maria Vedder, Jan Verbeek.

The works presented in this exhibition are available in the imai distribution program. A larger collection of the artists is on view via the public online catalogue.

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MEDIA REPORTS (selection)

27.04.2012 | WDR 3 Resonanzen | radio broadcast by Marco Müller | mp3 >>
May 2012 | Institut für Kunstdokumentation und Szenografie |iks-medienarchiv.de

Link zum Video >>

Images against darkness - 40 years of video art | A film by Ralph Goertz


Videos from the archive of imai in the Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf

Free admission!

Friday, 11.05.2012, 8pm
(1984) by Klaus Maeck/Muscha/Trini Trimpop/Volker Schäfer
Talk with Trini Trimpop afterwards

Friday, 18.05.2012, 8pm
Imitations of Life (2003) by Mike Hoolboom

Friday, 25.05.2012, 8pm
Das Spukhaus (2003) by Volker Anding
Talk with Volker Anding afterwards

Friday, 08.06.2012, 8pm
Der Dämon in Berlin (1982) and Either/Or in Chinatown (1984) by Gábor Bódy
Videoperformances 1973-90 by Józef Robakowski

Friday, 15.06.2012, 8pm
Mehrere, 2nd part (2012) by Sachli Golkar
John E. Loskot – The Lost Hero (1997) by Thomas Kutschker/TL Arnold
Artist talk afterwards

Friday, 22.06.2012, 8pm
Mehrere, 3rd part (2012) by Sachli Golkar
Fred Frith – Step Across the Border (1990) by Nicolas Humbert/Werner Penzel
Talk with Sachli Golkar afterwards

Video program in cooperation with Petra Pölzl,
Continuing education in "Art Criticism and Curatorial Knowledge",
Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf
Birkenstraße 47 (in the courtyard)
40233 Düsseldorf-Flingern - T. 0211.40 80 701

Image above
Exhibition view
© Photo: Ivo Faber, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2012
Center: Kevin Pawel Matweew / ohne Titel / 2008
Right: detail from Dara Birnbaum / Pop-Pop-Video: General Hospital/Olympic Women Speed Skating / 1980


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