Videoskop 02: Anita Beckers - Jürgen Klauke
Jürgen Klauke: "LACHEN – WEINEN" (Laughing and crying, 1978) | view online >>

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Jürgen Klauke: «Lachen − Weinen» (Laughing and crying), 1978

Jürgen Klauke's performance video «Lachen − Weinen» (Laughing and Crying) from 1978 is an "image" of the search for answers in the "madness of daily life".

Video selected and introduced by
Anita Beckers, Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt am Main.

The repetitive emptying of countless beer cans like a ritual progresses slowly into a smile in the face of the artist and is punctuated by a woman sobbing in the background. Love, loneliness and expressions of human relationships are reflected in this video with its intensity further enhanced through the loop version. Even after 30 years since its realisation, the video performance has lost none of its topicality. Only contemporary materials and other technical possibilities have transformed the stylistic elements commonly used today.

The quality of Jürgen Klauke's artistic approach is his ability to portray the abysses of human existence in all aspects in a brilliant artistic manner. The titles of his works are relevant indicators.


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Jürgen Klauke
Biography of Jürgen Klauke in the imai online catalog >> (click on the text for better view)
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Anita Beckers
In 1998 Anita Beckers established an additional video room in her Frankfurt gallery, which is well known for its dialogue between various artistic media. In 2005 she was presented with the Media Art Award of the Saarländischer Rundfunk Saarbrücken for the promotion of video art. Jürgen Klauke was an early addition to her international program.

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