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Marina Abramovic: «Art must be beautiful, Artist must be beautiful» (1975)

The performance art of the early seventies is characterised by experiments and the sounding out of physical limits. It is a form of self-discovery with feminist challenges from female art activists such as Gina Pane (*1939), Valie Export (*1940) and Marina Abramovic (*1946) against the image of "women as objects of lust" in a continuing chauvinistically oriented society.

Video selected and introduced by
Laura Györik Costas, IMAGE MOUVEMENT, Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève.

Her body is the working material of Marina Abramovic, her life is therefore her art. Here the gestures of a woman as she brushes her hair appear perfectly natural. Yet after just a few minutes the brushing strokes become more aggressive and the sentence repeated endlessly by the artist in a loop changes to (controlled) moaning. How beautiful must a woman be to enjoy success in life? At which threshold of beauty is the value of a work of art apparent? The sufferings of the woman and the artist are one and the same.


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Marina Abramovic
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Laura Györik Costas
Laura Györik Costas: Born in Basel in 1966. Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Project Manager of IMAGE MOUVEMENT at the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève since 2009. Independent curator and founder of the project La Terrasse du troc (interdisciplinary and participative art project in public space).

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