video distribution
 Created by Lars Klostermann,
 Sound Design: Dario Albiez | © imai - inter media art institute, 2011

The collection of the imai foundation consists of a digital archive and a distribution program. The collection documents the international history of video art from the 1960s until today.

The distribution program includes over 1,500 audio-visual works from more than 120 international artists. The collection stocks include different presentation formats, the majority of which are single channel video, but also include spatial installations. 

imai continually includes new audio-visual artworks in its distribution program. Once a year in November, a jury, appointed by the imai foundation, meets and deliberates on new admissions of artists in the imai’s video distribution. Jury members propose artistic positions, out of which new admissions are subsequently selected. The panel of experts consists of regular members Axel Wirths (Executive committee member of the imai foundation), Dr. Renate Buschmann (Director of the imai foundation), Darija Simunovic (imai’s Collection & Distribution) and two external video art experts. New admissions of artists will be publicly introduced at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, where the imai foundation is based.

imai sells over 1,500 works of international video art.

imai hires out video art for screenings, exhibitions and teaching and offers consultation for the selection of themed-based compilations.

imai is a non-profit foundation acting on behalf of artists. Half of our revenue is passed on to artists and the other half flows into the activities of the foundation.

The works offered by imai are directed towards educational and cultural institutions, museums, festivals, companies, public and private collectors, researchers and the interested public. Educational organizations benefit from special conditions.


Darija Simunovic
Collection & Distribution
Tel. +49 (0) 211 899 87 98