imai on screen # 3 - Voice Windows

imai on screen #3

Voice Windows
Wednesday, 2 December, 2009, 7.30 pm, Bambi, Klosterstrasse 78, Duesseldorf, tickets: 7 euros

The program of the 3rd issue was created in co-operation with regard to the Kunstfilmtag 09

As a synthesis or as two-way resonance, the interrelation of rhythm and colour, voices and images, and sounds and visions often determine the nature of video art. The possibilities of using the resources of images and sound aesthetically are multifarious.

Rich in contrast and with customary sharpness and sound intensity the 3rd issue of the series «imai on screen» combines the works of 11 international artists. The evening addresses a wide span starting with early consumer-critical video works in the pop and music clip aesthetics of the 1980s (Dara Birnbaum «Fire!/Hendrix» from 1982) through to auditive image manipulations (Steina Vasulka «Voice Windows» from 1986) and including more modern works which transfer acoustics into performative work and enable them to be visually experienced (Freya Hattenberger «Sirene» from 2006).

The complete program:

  • Annebarbe Kau «Hommage an Schwitters» (1993) 1:55 min
  • Steina Vasulka «Voice Windows» (1986) 8:10 min
  • Freya Hattenberger «Sirene» (2006) 3:30 min
  • Gary Hill «Mediations (Towards a Remake of Soundings)» (1979/86) 4:45 min
  • Marcel Odenbach «As If Memories Could Deceive Me» (1986) 17:28 min
  • Susan Hefuna «ANA/ICH» (2006) 3:36 min
  • Franziska Megert «Sweet Dressing» (1983) 3:31 min
  • Dara Birnbaum «Fire!/Hendrix» (1982) 5:24 min
  • Peter Simon «Echo» (2005) 5:37 min
  • Michael Langoth «Video Skating» (1991) 3:00 min
  • Georg Maas «10 3/4 Zoll» (1986) 4:00 min

A number of artists will be personally present at the screening and speak about the idea and implementation of their works. After the screening there will be the opportunity of discussion in the cinema foyer.

A co-operation with the Kunstfilmtag 09 «Mit Blick auf den Ton» and the Duesseldorfer Bambi art-house cinema.