The Foundation
Videostill from: Graf + ZYX, Museum of Private Arts, Vol. 10 | view in imai online catalog >>
Videostill from: Graf + ZYX, Museum of Private Arts,
Vol. 10 | view in imai online catalogue >>
The imai – inter media art institute foundation was founded in 2006. It was founded to establish an institution in Germany dedicated to the distribution and preservation of media art and associated activities. The foundation was set up on the initiative of the provincial capital of Duesseldorf and the Cologne media art agency 235 MEDIA. With strong support of the "Kunststiftung NRW" (arts foundation of the state of North Rhine Westphalia), the "Kulturstiftung der Länder" (cultural foundation of the Federal states), and in co operation with the NRW Forum and the foundation "Museum Kunstpalast" the extensive video art collection and the respective distribution structure which 235 MEDIA had built up from the 1980s were transferred over to imai, the independent, non-profit foundation.  

The imai archive includes approx. 3,000 valuable artistic and documentary works which provide a wide overview of the development of video art: from the pioneering era of the 1960s until the present day. On request the archive is accessible for research and scientific projects. Curators, lecturers, students and all interested parties are welcome to use the extensive collection of video art for scientific purposes.

The online catalogue is a video platform with free access provided by imai. It includes almost 1,300 videos which can be played in their full length. The catalogue is an instrument to collect information and carry out research on the development of video art from the 1960s until today and offers researchers, students and all interested parties a remarkable pool of audio visual art works of art historical significance. more >>

The distribution program is a core task of imai to promote video artists and their audio-visual works and to make these works known to the public. The imai distribution therefore lends or sells around 1,500 audio visual works of more than 120 international artists. more >>

The preservation of media art today and in future represents a challenge to all institutions which collect this art form. imai participates with own studies, workshops, symposia and publications in the discussion and further development of approaches to finding solutions for the conservation and restoration of media art. more >>

imai promotes the communication of media art through regular screenings and exhibitions.

Bodies of the foundation


Dr. Renate Buschmann

Executive committee:

Thilo Gabor, Duesseldorf Department of Culture

Axel Wirths, Managing Director  Medienagentur 235 MEDIA, Cologne

President of Board of trustees:

Hans-Georg Lohe, Head of Duesseldorf Department of Culture

Board of trustees:

Regina Barunke, Director, Temporary Gallery, Cologne

Dr. Georg Jacobs, lawyer, Düsseldorf

Dr. Doris Krystof, Curator of the Art Collection of North Rhine Westphalia, Duesseldorf

Prof. Mischa Kuball, Professor for Media Art, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Ulrich Leistner, Managing Director of the media agency 235 MEDIA, Cologne

Prof. Marcel Odenbach, Professor for Film and Video, Duesseldorf Academy of the Arts

Dr. Ingrid Stoppa-Sehlbach, Department head for museums, art and film, ministry for families, children, youth, culture and sport of the state of North Rhine Westphalia

Beat Wismer, Director of the foundation "Museum Kunstpalast", Duesseldorf

Prof. Dr. Rainer Zimmermann, Professor for Strategy & Design, University of Applied Sciences, Duesseldorf