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Book release

Die Gegenwart des Ephemeren

The book Die Gegenwart des Ephemeren. Medienkunst im Spannungsfeld zwischen Konservierung und Interpretation (The Presence of the Ephemeral. Media Art Between Conservation and Interpretation ) is now available. It documents the talks held during the eponymous symposium by imai back in November 2012. The volume is supplemented by the newest imai case study about the restoration of Luth Mommartz’s Zweileinwandkino (1968). 
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Our trailer for the symposium The presence of the ephemeral. Media art at the cutting edge between conservation and interpretation provides a good insight into conservation questions imai is concerned with. A film from Ralph Goertz, IKS.

Nan Hoover "Light Composition: Documenta 8" (1987) | © Photograph Elisabeth Jappe, 2012 | More works of Nan Hoover in the imai online catalog >>

The presence of the ephemeral

Media art at the cutting edge between conservation and interpretation

Symposium: 15th November, 2012

When conserving and presenting media art, curators and restorers frequently have to find the balance between historical materiality of the work and the artistic intention. Restorers are faced with the challenge of preserving the original physical condition of spatial art installations which are frequently site-specific and were created in complex combinations with different media.

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still accessible?

rethinking the preservation of media art

24. August 2010

imai - the recently founded Center of Excellence for Conservation and Preservation of Media Art  in North Rhine-Westphalia - invited to two events at ISEA2010 RUHR. At the ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition the restored, interactive installation Exchange Fields (2000) from the American Bill Seaman was finally once again on view from August 20, 2010. At the ISEA2010 RUHR Conference imai offered a panel about the preservation of media art (24 August 2010).

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media art in North Rhine-Westphalia

assets  preservation  presentation

23 October 2008

Some of the most important media collections of Germany are to be found in North Rhine-Westphalia. How should these valuable assets be preserved in the long-term and made available? In co-operation with the state and the Association of German Cities and Towns (Städtetag),  North Rhine-Westphalia together with imai (inter media art institute) organises a conference dedicated to the specific problem areas connected with the preservation and re-staging of media-based space installations.

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Strategies for the conservation of video

7 + 8 December 2006

The German association of restoration (VDR) invites you to a conference on "Copy-Digitise-Restore?"

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Bild Transfer

Image transfer

preserve, communicate, develop media art

30 Nov - 1 Dec 2006

The newly established imai foundation presents the symposium "Image transfer. Preserve, communicate, develop media art" as the first of a series of symposia to address questions relating to the communication, preservation and scientific development of media art. The opening symposium will give a first general overview of the tasks and challenges facing the foundation.

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