Ingrid Mwangi. Neger, 1999

The distribution program of the imai foundation includes more than 1,500 videos by over 120 international artists ranging from the 1960s up to today

These videos are offered in an unlimited edition. When purchasing you receive the work on tape in the digital Betacam format for long-term storage and in addition a DVD as a presentation copy.

Our program is directed towards educational and cultural institutions, museums, festivals, companies, public and private collectors, researchers and the interested public.

Works in the distribution program

You can find more information on the artists we represent together with their works in our online catalogue: artist index

Rights to use the art works

The purchase of audio-visual art work includes exclusively the right to present the work within your institution/establishment and the right to make copies for the purpose of internal presentation.
Each other partial or complete use such as the hiring out to other institutions and persons, reproduction, re recording, public performances or presentations outside your institution/establishment, TV broadcasting or other commercial use is not allowed. This is also valid for presentations in other educational establishments. A violation of this prohibition is in breach of copyright law and will result in civil or criminal proceedings.


The purchase prices for unlimited video art works start at 600 euros.
Educational establishments benefit from special conditions and are already able to acquire video art on DVD for a price of 180 euros.
Customers within the European Union can present their sales tax ID number and the sales tax will not be added. For customers outside the EU there is also no sales tax.

Please contact us. We will be happy to send you an individual offer.

Ordering, payment and delivery

After your binding order has been placed in writing a processing time of approx. 2 weeks is usual.
After receiving your order, we write an invoice. For international bank transfers to our account the bank fees for both countries must be borne by the customer.
After we have received payment (at least 7 days before dispatch) delivery is authorised with the transportation service of your choice (UPS, FedEx, Deutsche Bundespost). When the tapes are sent with the Deutsche Bundespost the costs for the additional transport insurance must be borne by the customer.

Darija Simunovic
Collection & Distribution
Tel. +49 (0) 211 899 87 98